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Parent Testimonials

As a concerned mom, I was looking for someone who could help my child improve their grades in math, as well as boost their confidence and interest in the subject. After researching various options, I came across Allyse's website, made an appointment to speak to her and was impressed by her qualifications and experience in our school county's math curriculum. From the first session itself, my child felt comfortable and motivated to learn from Allyse. She made the lessons engaging and interactive, which helped my child to better understand the concepts and apply them to problem-solving. With her patient and encouraging approach, Allyse was able to identify my child's strengths and weaknesses and tailor the lessons to meet their individual needs.
8th grade parent
“I cannot say enough good things about Inspire and Allyse's efforts. You can tell that she spends hours thinking about each child and the best way to help them. I would receive helpful emails from her all the time telling me about the progress of my daughter. I never had to guess. She also tracks my daughter's progress in different places so it's easy to find practice or go back to a lesson. I am so grateful we found Allyse!”
6th grade parent
“Since the pandemic, I have been struggling with sending my kids to school. Thankfully, Allyse was recommended by a former parent. After realizing how qualified and knowledgable Allyse is, we asked her to homeschool our son. She created a completely new curriculum with lessons that my son actually enjoyed. She would move ahead when he was ready or spend more time on something if he needed it. I have never seen a teacher put so much effort and energy into her students.”
4th grade parent

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