What is Inspire?

Learning for YOUR Child
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Learning Plans & Packages

Inspire’s unique style and custom approach builds a custom Learning Plan specific to the individual student: your child, guaranteeing maximum success and confidence. Custom created lessons, activities, and assessments move at the perfect and preferred pace for your child. 

Sample Tutoring Plan
Partnership between Parent, Instructor, and Student
Traditional Learning Setting
Inspire's Learning Setting

What does "Custom Education" include?

Our Learning Management System contains all learning materials, including Google Meet sessions.

For students that need some repetition, Inspire can provide instructional videos specifically from the Instructor and designed for the student.

Students learn differently. Some may benefit from reorganizing some standards or units, while some may benefit from eliminating an entire unit/ lesson that they already know.

Activities are created and assigned based on individual student interest, learning style, personality, and preference. 

Assessments are only used to check understanding or specific performance. The teacher and parent will be included in student progress in a way that does not require traditional assessments.

Our Learning Management System provides auto-generated reports each time a student completes a lesson. This report can be sent to parents in addition to periodic Progress Reports.

Inspire Instructors are fully equipped to know which skills a student needs practice with and which skills the student has already mastered.

Students have expectations that are set by the parent, instructor, and director. All assignments are time stamped and sent to all three parties upon completion.

All assignments are custom created for the student. They will target the student’s area of need, while avoiding unnecessary busy-work.

Inspire’s custom-created resources are catered to the individual student’s interest and skill set. Resources are made for one student, and will be adapted based on what that student needs.

Inspire can create whole grade level curriculum and space it out across the year however the parent desires.

Reports are auto-generated from our Learning Management System and will consistently update both Instructor and parent on student progress.

Inspire Instructors use the most up-to-date information, data, and student progress to direct the instruction and lessons.

Inspire’s Instructors hold a vast range of expertise. Looking for something specific? Ask us!

Inspire Custom Education has the flexibility to provide a multitude of service to students all over. Are you a parent that prioritizes your child’s learning and education? We are here to partner with you!

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