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Inspire is the BEST education you could give to your child! Here’s why…

Inspire is an education service providing clients with a personalized and custom education plan based on their preferences and needs. Premier custom curriculum, instruction, resources, lessons plans, and assessments guarantee your child’s expedited learning success. Every aspect of learning is customized specifically for your child alone and matches their interests, needs, learning styles, and schedule.

Inspire is a full-service education company that has the experience and skills to service any type of educational need. All instructors are licensed and accredited to provide homeschool instruction, private tutoring, targeted skill intervention, and more. We can also help you nail down the skills that your child may need to focus on, and provide informed suggestions on how to proceed through schooling.

No request is too small or too large. We can create 1 worksheet for your child or provide 1,000 hours of instruction. We can help your child succeed on 1 test or help them succeed throughout school K-12. We can meet with them once a week or even every day. The request, schedule, and approach are up to you and your child.

Each state varies in their homeschool requirements but, in most cases, all you need is some paperwork and a qualified teacher with credentials. Inspire will walk you through this process and handle the majority of the work. 

To check the requirements for your individual state, click here:

Custom Education provides individualized instruction to each student in a way they want to learn. Everything is tailored to them only (opposed to other students in the class, school, state). 

What takes 5 days to learn in school could take under an hour in a 1:1 custom environment. We assess the child as a learner and as an individual- their interests, learning styles, preferences, time management, and so much more. Those categories are considered the driving force in the curriculum and learning that your child will do.

In Custom Education, the client is the decision-maker, and student progress is the data. 

  • Do you want your child to learn on the way to theater practice or a travel volleyball game? We can do that. 
  • Do you want your child to only have school on certain days? We can do that.
  • Do you prefer your child to practice math 4 days a week and science on 1? We can do that. 
  • Do you want your child to learn the maximum amount in 2 hours of practice per week? We can do that. 
  • Do you just want your child to have some practice activities and accountability? We can do that.
  • Do you want your child to study cultures around the world, some specific history, or a specific religion? We can do that. 

We do it all. Inspire Custom Education is the learning bridge to your child and will partner with you to find the absolute best learning path for your child. 

All instructors are licensed and accredited by the state that they are certified to teach. Each teacher has 10+ years classroom experience, multiple specializations, and a minimum of Master’s degree in Education.

Google, Google, and more Google! 

Inspire partners with Google to provide all learning materials through Google Classroom, Google Folders, and Google Meet. Once your child is registered, we will walk them through setting up an Inspire Google account where they can access their instructor and any instructional materials. 

The parent will also have access to any lessons, materials, schedules, and instructor communication. All virtual learning sessions will be held through Google Meet unless otherwise preferred. 

Reports are provided to the student and parent periodically throughout the learning experience. Instructor Conferences are also put into the schedule as frequently as desired, to include the student, parent, or both. The frequency of reports, conferences, and meetings are all pre-established and will vary based on parent request, student need, instructor suggestion, and more.

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