What is Inspire Custom Education?

Our Goal

An education partnership and relationship
Inspire aims to promote, foster, and expedite student success. The relationship between instructor, student, school, and parent provides an optimal learning formula.

Our Mission

To provide every student with an opportunity to learn best
Custom, individualized, structured, and appropriate TUTORING, HOMESCHOOLING, OR MENTORING benefit the student and larger world.

Our Promise

Priority = Student
Inspire fully guarantees that the student is of highest priority, whether academically or other. Constant communication and a positive relationship help to progress and expedite student success and parent relief.

Sample Intervention/ Reflection Model

How it all began

Lauren Allyse Blankenship Director of Inspire

Allyse Blankenship is a naturally passionate educator and creator of Inspire Custom Education. She has succeeded in a variety of roles including:

About Allyse
Education and Mission

From 5 years-old, Allyse Blankenship aspired to be an educator. After years of pursuing her dream, Allyse graduated with a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction from George Mason University. She was recognized with prestigious accolades and quickly jumped into the classroom. Just years later, Ms. Blankenship would have already taught at every grade level, K-12.

Allyse has worked in education since she could volunteer. The span of teaching in a daycare to teaching in a secondary school has provided extensive context to student development.

Allyse taught in Fairfax County, Virginia for many years, as well as Falls Church City Public Schools, just outside of Washington, D.C. Both districts are highly-regarded and well-known for their rigorous Standards of Learning, specifically in Mathematics.

Early on, Allyse recognized the incredible need for custom, flexible, and appropriate curriculum/ resources to help her students learn! Using a “one size fits all” approach in the classroom does not produce the same results as an individualized curriculum.

K-6 Experience

Education at the elementary level, K-6, focuses on fundamental math and reading skills that create successful life-long learners. The instruction students receive at this primary level will guide their future and can develop necessary problem-solving skills.

While in the classroom, Ms. Blankenship created a custom curriculum for each of her students, grades K-6. This curriculum was accessible to all of her students and supported them to success. Unpacking Standards of Learning, and creating the curriculum to fit, equipped Allyse with a unique understanding of child development and learning progression.

For many years, Ms. Blankenship taught Elementary School before transitioning to a mathematics speciality. 

6-12 Math Experience

While primary mathematics is fundamental, secondary math merges complex fundamental skills in a way that confuses students quickly.

Student confidence disappears and grades begin to tumble downward in the middle school grades. Ms. Blankenship saw former students getting lost once they entered middle school, once the responsibility of learning was put on their backs. 

Allyse transitioned into a role of Middle School Math teacher and mentored many students throughout her years teaching Grade 6-8, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

Unpacking standards become even more important at the middle school level. Truly understanding how the child learns and thinks is a requirement of the teacher.

Many days, weeks, and months were devoted to creating curriculum and understanding child learning and development.

After starting her family, Ms. Blankenship focused on this new skill of Curriculum Creation.

Mathematics Expertise

In recent years, Allyse has created math content and curriculum for various states, schools, districts, homeschool pods, and more.

Allyse has written for the IB/ MYP Program, an intellectually challenging curriculum focusing on real-world context and Project Based Learning. 

Standards Based Learning and Grading introduced a helpful way of teaching and understanding student learning.

The role of Curriculum Writer has involved analyzing the math progression grades K-12. It has also required an unpacking of standards from different states’ Department of Education.

As a content editor and admin, Allyse reviewed standards, lessons, units, and grade levels.

Educational Coach


In the role of Educational Coach, Ms. Blankenship has supported many students in their transition from Elementary to Middle School. 

Keeping up with grades, assignments, and content can be overwhelming. Ms. Blankenship has mentored students over the years to help with more than just math!

Not just a “tutor”, Ms. Blankenship nurtures a relationship with any and all educational supports. Constant communication with the students’ teachers, specialists, and parents is built into the Educational Coaching role.

Curriculum Writer

Eventually, Educational Publishing took precedent for Allyse. She recognized that, by creating lessons, resources, and assessments, she would reach even more students than a classroom setting could. 

Allyse is credited with creating curriculum for multiple states (Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arizona, Utah, etc.), private schools, and school districts throughout the country. After spending some time writing curriculum, Allyse wanted to find a way to blend curriculum with custom resources and assessments.

Insert Inspire Custom Education — Allyse found a way to spend the necessary time creating curriculum and resources to benefit the individual student, rather than the collective body of students. Allyse is excited to bring Inspire Custom Education to students all around the world!

How is Inspire different?

Many Virtual Learning platforms claim to provide a custom experience for students. But who is providing this experience, instruction, or assessment?

Inspire Custom Education provides a clear answer: your private instructor.

Each Inspire Instructor is expertly paired with a student and parent’s needs based on a variety of experience and expertise. All Inspire Instructors are highly-qualified experts in their field that have extensive knowledge of content, standards, behaviors, emotions, and more. This pairing process allows the teacher to provide the best possible curriculum and instruction, while also providing student success! 

Student, Parent, and Instructor Partnership

Inspire Custom Education provides a platform where teacher and parent come together for the common goal of benefiting the individual student.

Inspire is more than a teacher or tutor. Instructors become invested in the child, as a whole. Mentoring, Educational Coaching, Instruction, and additional services are all included in any package. 

Student receives a custom educational involvement: tutoring, homeschooling, and educational coaching available.

Parent is updated with success, progress and flexible plan options.

Inspire’s highly-qualified Instructor prioritizes the individual student and their success. Providing academic guidance, instruction, and support is the instructor’s primary job.

The Inspire Process

Students are perfectly matched with one of Inspire's expert educators, based on a variety of important learning factors.

Instructors are Master-Level, licensed, and certified; and expertise ranges across subject matter and grade level.

Once the instructor customizes the curriculum, the student will virtually learn, practice, and assess one-on-one with the professor.

Reports are sent to students and parents on a regular basis, and every aspect of the curriculum is customizable along the way!

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.