Lauren Allyse Blankenship Director of Inspire


Allyse Blankenship is a naturally passionate educator and creator of Inspire Custom Education. She is thrilled to bring her expertise and knowledge to students everywhere!

Inspire Custom Education provides a platform where teacher and parent come together for the common goal of benefiting the individual student. Inspire uses a unique customization approach to provide custom, individualized, structured, and appropriate curriculum and materials to benefit the student, parent, and larger society.

Student receives a custom education that matches their individual learning style, interests, and personality. 

Parent chooses the style, focus, involvement, and level of success that best fits the student. 

Inspire’s highly-qualified Instructor prioritizes the individual student and their success. In a “dream teacher role”, they rely on personal experience and expertise to create the most ideal custom curriculum for the individual student. 

Our Goal

A parent-education partnership
Inspire Custom Education aims to promote and foster a student’s love of learning through an exciting and engaging custom curriculum that expedites student success and provides parent relief.
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Our Mission

To provide every student with an opportunity to learn best
Provide custom, individualized, structured, and appropriate learning, attention, accountability, & accommodations that benefit the student, parent, and bigger world.
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Our Promise

Priority = Student
Inspire fully guarantees that the student is of highest priority, with parents falling at a close second. Constant communication and a positive relationship help to progress and expedite student success.
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How it all began

In the Classroom

From 5 years-old, Allyse Blankenship hoped to be an educator. After years of pursuing her dream, Allyse graduated with a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction from George Mason University, and quickly jumped into the classroom. 

Ms. Blankenship has experience with each grade level, K-12, and specializes in mathematics. For over 10 years, Allyse taught general education in the elementary school. She quickly recognized the incredible need for custom, flexible, and appropriate curriculum and resources!

To inspire successful learners in Ms. Blankenship’s classroom, many nights and weekends were dedicated to creating resources that might meet the needs of most students in the classroom. 

Students require custom, targeted instruction to become successful learners. By taking the time to create this custom instruction, Allyse saw hundreds of students succeed and excel throughout school and life. 

Whether teaching 2nd grade Reading or 9th grade Algebra, Allyse saw the importance of customizing lessons and resources to her individual students. Every student learns differently, has different strengths, personalities, and home lives. Using a “one size fits all” approach in the classroom does not produce the same results as an individualized curriculum.

Ms. Blankenship's expertise

Allyse has worked in childcare since she could volunteer. The span of teaching in a daycare to teaching in a secondary school has provided extensive context to student development. 

The progression of student learning is dependent upon many outside factors including home, school, friends, etc. Therefore, the progression of student learning and child development is different for every child.

Carefully following this progression over the years, Allyse learned even more about curriculum and content development, learning styles, and appropriate assessment. The need for Custom Education became something Allyse was incredibly passionate about.

Custom Curriculum

Ms. Blankenship’s students were incredibly successful due to her custom approach, but starting a young family did not allow her the rigor and time needed for customizing lessons to each individual student.

Eventually, curriculum development took precedent for Allyse. She recognized that, by creating lessons, resources, and assessments, she would reach even more students than a classroom setting could. 

Allyse is credited with creating curriculum for multiple states (Tennessee, Arizona, Utah, etc.), private schools, and school districts throughout the country. After spending some time writing curriculum, Allyse wanted to find a way to blend curriculum with custom resources and assessments.

Insert Inspire Custom Education — Allyse found a way to spend the necessary time creating curriculum and resources to benefit the individual student, rather than the collective body of students. Allyse is excited to bring Inspire Custom Education to students all around the world!

How is Inspire different?

The curriculum and material that Inspire produces for each student is completely custom and catered to one person- the student.

Every person best learns differently- some prefer gaming and trophies, while others might need to hear material from a teacher. Some students can be assessed within 5 minutes, and others might take 5 days. Every child is different. Not to mention that all of this could also change in a week! Kids are kids, and kids are different. 

Many Virtual Learning platforms claim to provide a custom experience for students. But who is providing this experience, instruction, or assessment?

Inspire Custom Education provides a clear answer: the Instructor and/ or Director.

Each Inspire Instructor is expertly paired with a student and parent’s needs based on a variety of experience and expertise. All Inspire Instructors are highly-qualified experts in their field that have extensive knowledge of content, standards, behaviors, emotions, and more. This pairing process allows the teacher to provide the best possible curriculum and instruction, while also providing student success! 

Only a teacher and true educator can provide a fully customizable education for students.

The Inspire Process

Students are perfectly matched with one of Inspire's expert educators, based on a variety of important learning factors.

Inspire Professors are Master-Level, licensed, and certified. Their expertise ranges across subject matter and grade level.

Once the instructor customizes the curriculum, the student will virtually learn, practice, and assess one-on-one with the professor.

Reports are sent to students and parents on a regular basis, and every aspect of the curriculum is customizable along the way!

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

— Albert Einstein —